Information on the #021 Terraced Houses Low Relief


Our 1/32 (Gauge 1) #021 Terraced House Low Relief kit depicts the front sections of typical Victorian style "Two up two down" dwellings. They are finely etched with brick detail and the roof slate and intricate chimney is accurately modeled. Space is often limited at the side of a track, so our low relief kit enables a row of houses to be added on a relatively narrow depth border.  Only the front half of the houses are modeled in the kit which enables a row of dwellings to be added to your build. Two houses are provided in each kit, one left hand and one right hand.
In addition there are options in the kit for a Loft (Dormer) conversion as shown in the images below. We also provide several door styles so a row of terraces can have slight differences which adds to the realism. Whether you are modeling that Welsh rally stage or garden railway, the terraced house will enhance your layout.

The Terraced Houses are 140mm Wide  (2 houses in the kit are therefore 280mm wide) x 106mm Deep x 278mm Tall.

Door options are provided in the kit