Information and How to assemble the Mini Spectator Stands #014

"I really like your buildings, but I just don't have the room on my circuit !"

Now there is no excuse with our mini spectator stands. The set contains 4 separate stands, so you can place them around your track in even the smallest of spaces. The beauty of spectator stands is that they can be left unpainted to represent "Bleachers" , part painted (Seats and base) or fully detailed. Because they are small separate structures, it is an option to group them together on a banked hillside. This is particularly suited to rally or hill climb layouts. One further option is to have two back to back at the centre of a hairpin corner. The Mini Spectator Stands are an ideal first build as they are very easy to construct and look realistic even if not painted.

Each spectator stand is  just 212mm wide, x 56.5mm deep x 50mm High

How to assemble the Mini Spectator Stands #014

As with all our models we recommend a good quality quick drying super glue. Just a few drops on the joining edges, press and hold them for a few seconds and the connection is done. This way the model can be constructed rapidly without the need for tape or clamps. Of course if you wish to paint your model you can do this as you go along. Painting is best done with a combination of spray cans for larger areas and brush acrylics for the detailing. MDF can soak up a lot of paint, so spray on a layer and then let it dry overnight. You will find the next layer covers much better with less paint. The parts have a dark and a lighter side due to the laser cutting. If you are not paining the model, try to face matching sides of the MDF parts outwards as this makes a more pleasing model.

To begin. Take out the large base piece. The part has "MAGNETIC RACING" etched on one side. Place this text face down on the work surface. Take out a rear truss. There are several in the kit and they are all the same. Do a trial fit first without glue, then apply a few drops and press it home. Glue it vertically. You can use another part of the kit which has a square corner to help you get this correct.

Now take out a centre seat support. Again there are several in the kit. Note the centre support has no rear vertical unlike the ends.. The lower lugs are different from the ones on the end parts, so it shouldn't be possible to install the wrong item. Glue this in place ensuring it is vertical. Press it against the rear truss whilst it dries.

Now add on an end seat support. Note this has the full rear vertical. Glue this in pressing it against the side of the rear truss to form a neat corner.

And another seat support as shown.

We next add in a stair support. All are identical so use any one in the kit. It is important here to do a trial fit as depending on how accurately you have completed the assembly it may not fit easily. A little sanding of the lug to form a small chamfer may be necessary. Once it goes in easily, remove it an apply glue. Note we don't need glue on the whole rear surface, just a few drops where it touches the cross braces and along the lower edge. Press the part home and pinch it against the seat support.until the glue dries.

Add another stair support as shown. Again ensure it is glued upright by using another part in the kit as a square edge.

Add on the top step. Make sure the etched detail is on top. The corners are aligned with the stair support as shown.

We now add on some stair treads. Cut these from the sprue along the etched lines. We have provided a few extra in case you need them. Make sure the ends are flat where you cut them off the sprue and sand them slightly if needed. Glue them in place by pushing them back into the corner of the stair supports..

Add another seat support as shown.

Follow this with the rear truss. Once again ensure it is vertical.

The second half of the assembly is then completed in a similar manner to the first. Add the centre truss and then the end one. When complete you should end up with the following assembly. If you are going to paint the model, now is a good time. It is still just possible to paint all surfaces including under the centre steps.

Next we add on the seat decking. Once more ensure the etched detail is on top.

Continue on by adding the seat base. Before gluing, just double check that the small grooves are free of laser debris as this often the case. This can be done by pushing a small knife through the slots to clear them. Both the seat bases and backs are identical, so you can use any in the kit. Push it back against the notch and press it down on the ends and middle until the glue dries.

Now add on a seat back. Once again this rests on the notch as shown. Push it back at the ends and centre to form a strong structure.

Continue on in a similar manner to complete the upper seat.

Add on the seat decking as before.

Then complete the rest of the seating.

That finishes the model. There are another 3 in the kit which are completed in the same way. We hope you enjoyed the build and are encouraged to try one of our other kits.