Information on the First Aid Hut #008 and how to assemble it

The First Aid Hut is inspired by the classic Scalextric A211 building which is no longer available. We have re imagined the design and in added more detail. The walls are now etched with brick and we have repositioned the Red Cross logos. The model is double skinned making the building very durable. It is an ideal building for the first time builder as it is simple to construct and easily painted when completed.

#008 First Aid Hut

The 1/32 model is 108mm Wide x 138mm Deep x 105mm High

How to assemble the First Aid Hut #008

The first aid hut is one of our simpler kits to build, but a few tricks will help you get it just right. Firstly use super glue as it dries fast and glues very well. Don't use too much, just a few drops here and there. On larger surfaces, just a additional little "S" shaped run of glue in the middle is enough. push the parts together firmly and wait whilst the glue dries.This model is simple enough to be painted at the end of the build, but of course if you are more experienced, paint the parts any time during the build.

Now to begin. Our first task is to assemble the inner walls. Get out the rear wall and the side wall as shown in the image below. Also get out another wall part and use this as a right angled piece so we can glue the two pieces perpendicular to each other. Notice the position of the small windows relative to each other. As with all parts do a dry assembly first before applying glue. Hold the pieces together whilst gluing and use the extra piece to check the alignment.

Now take the centre roof brace and glue it into place. We need another right angled piece from the kit to help us get it square. A smaller piece might be more useful here such as the door. Again hold it whilst it dries. This should only take a few seconds.

The next piece is the other wall, glue this in and again make sure it is square.Note the position of the three windows. These go towards the top of the model as shown. The interlocking sections of each wall should be designed so it only fits one way.

With the last inner wall we first need to glue in the door. If you want to paint the door first, this might be easier, but of course thats up to you. Notice that the door is orientated so the first aid sign is at the top of the door and the whole thing is glued to the inside of the wall. On the inside of the wall on our latest kits there are some etched lines and you can use this to align it perfectly. If they are are not present align the door manually from the outside so it is central to the door opening. Hold the parts together then mark the inner wall with a pencil to assist alignment. Apply glue to the rear of the wall close to the etched (or pencil) line and then press the parts together. By keeping the glue near the etched line, you avoid the possibility of glue seeping out and ruining the detail on the outside of the door.

The inner walls are now complete. Allow the model to completely dry before continuing.

Add on the first outer wall. This is the one with the large windows. Notice that the wall is flush at either end and pushed down onto the build surface. There is a slight step at the top edge. This is correct as it allows for the sloping roof which we will add later on.

Add the opposite wall in a similar manner. Again the edges are flush and the top edge is stepped to allow for the angled roof.

The front wall comes next. Make sure the edges are aligned all around.

The last wall to be glued on is the rear wall. Once again check the edges are aligned as the glue dries.

Add the small step below the door. Apply glue, push the step home and Then push the model and the step down on the build surface. This way it will lie flat to the floor.

We now add on the first inner roof section. this is the one with the three skylights. Notice that the skylights are nearest the top of the roof. There are no notches to align this part, but on the underside are two etched lines (See second picture). It is best if you place the roof part onto the build surface apply glue to the wall tops and then press the model down as shown. Align the etched lines with the edge of the walls and also the top corner of the roof aligns with the top "Peaks" on each end wall.

Glue on the second inner roof. Again there are lines on the underside to help you, but align the ends with the previous roof section and make sure it butts up at the top so it doesn't leave a gap.

Now glue in the window sills. These are attached on a sprue. Cut them off with a sharp knife and glue them in place. Try to have the clean uncut edge pointing to the outside with cut side facing inward. It makes for a cleaner looking model. There are four of these to glue in.

The roof detail comes next. Glue these on as shown. Attach the one with the skylights first ensuring it is aligned all around and at the edges of the roof. The second side should be glued in a similar way and pushed up to form the apex of the roof.

There are some additional strips to glue on at the lower edge. Again these need to be cut from the sprue. Attach the longer two first and align the ends with the front and rear wall. Use the detail etched on the wall to guide you. Once more it is best to place the cut side facing downwards, so it is not visible when the model is placed on a flat surface.

Attach the front and rear strips as shown. These overlap the side strips to form a neat corner

The final pieces are the front and rear roof cappings. Glue these in place. The top edge aligns with the roof ends so it forms a small lip on the lower edge.

Congratulations you have finished the First Aid Hut. We hoped you enjoyed building this model. Please email us any images of how you paint and detail the model further.