Information on the Control Tower and Crosswalk 1550 building


#006 Control Tower and Crosswalk

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The tower and crosswalk kit is based on the much sought after and no longer available Scalextric C234 & Marklin 1550 models. We did not want to do an exact replica as we felt this would be unfair to original collectors, so we have revisited the design and added our own touches. The building is now correctly scaled and extended slightly so it can stretch across 2 lane and 4 lane tracks easily. We have also added windows in the ends of the towers and all the internal stair details are reproduced. (This is missing from the original). Furthermore the upper open area at the top of the large tower now has ladder access.

If you haven't built one of our kits or are new to kit building, we recommend you choose on of our other kits to build first. This kit is quite challenging to build and care must be taken particularly when constructing the stair assemblies. Having said that if you follow the build instructions carefully, there is no reason why even a novice can complete this fine model.

The completed 1/32 model is 489mm Tall x 687mm Wide x 175mm Deep. There is 163mm height clearance under the crosswalk.

It can be built in two configurations 1) 218mm between tower inside walls or 2) 440mm between inside tower walls

This makes the building ideal for either 2 or 4 lane tracks.