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14th October 2017

We are busy here at Magnetic Racing completing new buildings and cars, but we have had time to paint one of our models. We are trying to complete a few of our buildings for the shows to demonstratehow they can look with a simple paint scheme. There are some even more impressive completed models by our customers in the gallery here.

24th September 2017

Today we attended the Havant Swap Meet for our second year. Once more we had a great time meeting all the slot car enthusiasts. Our stand was bigger than ever and we revealed the prototype for our next building. This is the Monza Tower you can see on the left. We hope to get this released in the next few weeks.

We are finding the shows are really useful to us as we get lots of feedback and interesting ideas for future buildings. With this in mind we intend to take part in the Coventry show in December. Click the image below for further details.

26th July 2017

Not many posts recently, but we heve been busy designing new products. By popular request we have released a smaller spectator stand. This is ideal if you have a smaller track or want a building in the centre of the circuit that doesn't obscure the racing line too much. They are available on ebay UK or email us direct. 24 for a pair. Click image for more information.

Our next building will be our largest yet and as far as we know is not available elsewhere. Hopefully this will be released next week after several months of development. Due to the size we expect that this will only be produced in small batches. More news soon.

08th April 2017

Another release of a building again this month. We realise that not everyone has an enormous track so we have produced a more compact crosswalk. It comes as a complete self assembly flat pack which takes about 1 hour to glue together and for the very competitive price of 48 + postage!

For further details and dimensions click the buildings link on the left.

23rd March 2017

We are pleased to announce we have finally completed the two tier pit module. It is compatible with all our other #005 pit modules, so it can be slotted into your existing pit lineup. It is available in 1/32 scale for 25 plus postage. Check out the buildings link on the left for more details.

We are also in the process of reissuing all our existing pit buildings. We have spent some time redesigning them to make the assembly and manufacture a little easier. They will be up for sale on ebay in the next few days. But of course if you want to buy a few items, as always contact us directly as we can combine orders for you and maybe save you some money. We have also completed another crosswalk for smaller tracks and our first prototype is assembled. More news in the next few days.

12th February 2017

It's been another busy start to February and we have now released the crosswalk for sale. This building is for the serious enthusiast and is proving very popular. We therefore have a backlog of orders to work through. Please email us if you want one so we can form an orderly queue!

In other news we are receiving lots of images of your completed builds. We still need more as this really helps us show what can be done with the buildings. Check out the gallery here

10th January 2017

It's a busy start to 2017 with the release of another building. This is another marshal hut, but it could also be re purposed for many other functions. As usual it is highly detailed and has double skinned walls.

In other news we had a great time at the Swindon swap meet. The control tower and crosswalk prototype we took to the show was met with enthusiasm and we are just doing some minor tweaks to the design before release. Visitors to the stand were also interested in the two tier pit building which will compliment the pits buildings we already have on sale. Again we are hoping to release this in the next few weeks.

07th January 2017

We have just released the Turnstile Ticket office for sale. This 1/32 building is fully etched and double skinned. Click the buildings tab on the left for more details of this building and the rest of our range.

24th December 2016

We wish all our customers and fellow Magracers a Happy Christmas and a Happy New Year. 2017 promises to be a great year for us and we hope it is for you too. We have in the pipeline at least 4 new buildings which we have completed the designs for including the much awaited Control tower and Crosswalk which we hope to show at the Swindon Swapmeet. Furthermore we are catching up on our 1/43 scale releases. These were initially slow sellers for us, but in the past few months we have seen a steady rise in sales and we would like to do more work at this scale. Both myself and Chris are going to pay a few visits to motorsport circuits and do a bit more research for inspiration for both the buildings and other ideas we have.

In addition to the buildings we are looking forward to some new releases on the Magracing side of the business. This has been a long process and should hopefully bear fruit soon

Once again thank you all for you kind words and support .

29th November 2016

Today we released our new building. It is a First Aid Hut inspired by the classic A211 building. It is up for sale on ebay in 1/32 scale for 16.

We are currently progressing 2 other buildings.

The first as mentioned previously is the Dunlop control tower and crosswalk inspired from the Scalextric/ Marklin  and hard to find #1550. We have just assembled our first prototype. It is a very complex build with over 400 parts, so we need to print some more and refine it a great deal before we release it for sale.
Secondly we are progressing another building which will be compatible with our currently available pit buildings. This will be a two tier structure.

We are falling behind with our 1/43 versions of some of these models and we are hoping to catch up soon.

Other news is that we are finally making progress on the Magracing electronics. Having encountered enormous problems with getting a courier to deliver to France where we are developing some of the electronics, finally we succeeded. Hopefully some fully working prototypes will arrive early in the New Year. This will help us get some cars up for sale.

06th October 2016

The pits buildings are now up for sale on ebay and are proving quite popular. We are considering doing additional buildings which can be attached to these modules so you can customize your pit lane.

A new building is in the pipeline and that is a tower and crosswalk similar to the Scalextric classic building which is no longer in production. As is usual with our buildings, we will add in extra detail not on the original building and rescale all the details so they are exactly to 1/32 or 1/43.

Further news is that we are booked up to do the Swindon Swap Meet on January 8th 2017. We are hoping to be able to bring a few new prototype models to the show.

29th October 2016

We are making progress on the pits buildings and hopefully they will go up for sale this week. We are trying to add in as much detail as possible to make them an interesting to build. We are going to sell them as two separate kits. Firstly a pair of ends, so this will give the customer a pit with 4 bays. Centre sections will also be sold as pairs, so with each extra purchase the customer gets an additional 4 bays. This way very long pit areas can easily be made up.

Of course it doesn't have to be used as a pits, Chris sent me this picture earlier of his progress. It seems that one of our prototypes has been converted into some sort of "House of ill repute!"

23th October 2016

Havant swapmeet was a great success. We met some nice people and made a few good contacts. We also showed our pit building prototype and this was greeted with enthusiasm. We will finish off the final details and prepare it for release this week.

19th October 2016

We are busily preparing for the Havant swap meet and are hoping to bring our complete range to the show at both 1/32 and 1/43 scale. We have also revised our postage prices on ebay, so now offer a postage discount for multiple buys and can post internationally. Of course if you buy (or pre pay) at the show we can save you the postal charges.

In further news all the electronic components for the cars have now arrived from China. We are hoping to get an initial batch of around 20 units which we will build into chassis for sale.

05th October 2016

The electronics design for the new magracing chassis is now complete. We are just waiting for some components from China to arrive so we can begin assembly and testing of the new firmware. 

In other news we have released another building in 1/32 and 1/43 scale. It's a 40 seater spectators stand and ideal for a smaller track when used singly or when positioned in multiples for larger circuits.  18 for a 1/32 scale and 15 for a 1/43 scale. It's a really nice kit to build. Check out the buildings link on the left for more details.

26th September 2016

We have just released our second building. The Reims Gueux Timekeepers hut in 1/32 scale. 

We believe this is the most accurate reproduction of this building currently available and at a very reasonable price of 26 + P&P. The model includes the brick detail which is omitted on many models and has double skin wall construction. This makes the model extra durable and reproduces the thick block walls of the original building. Also reproduced is the panoramic window detail on the upper level. Keep an eye out for the 1/43 scale version coming soon. Click the buildings link on the left for more details.

23th September 2016

Magnetic Racing has booked a table at the Havant Swapmeet on Sunday 23rd October 2016. We will be hoping to bring the buildings we have completed for sale. Please come along and say hello to both myself (Martin) and Chris. We will be happy to chat and tell you all about the progress we are making on the new range of buildings and the work we are doing on the Magracing cars. For further information about the event follow the link below.

Havant Swapmeet 2016

20th September 2016

The Race Stewards Hut is now available in 1/43 scale. It is available alongside our 1/32 range on ebay for purchase for 15 + Postage. Check out the buildings link on the left for details.

17th September 2016

We have just released our first building. Its a 1/32 Race Stewards Hut. Check out the Buildings link on the left for more details. It is available on ebay UK for 22.00 + Postage

08th June 2016

Magracing is now under new management. Martin Price and Chris Leck have taken over the business and are currently developing the next generation of products. Wes Raynor has been helpful in getting us up to speed with all the designs and we look forward to taking the Magnetic Racing system to the next level.

Be sure to check out our new range of buildings whilst you wait for the new cars. They are ideal for both Magnetic Racing and conventional slot cars.